Top 10 Marketing & Sales API’s used for Data Aggregation

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One of the best resources every business has to embark on its journey towards success is their own data. As a data-driven content marketer, you must be aware of the cut-throat competition prevailing in the digital market. Data is an opportunity that can help you thrive in such an environment.

From start-ups to multinational corporations, every organization faces challenges in building an intelligent data management system that can work across different marketing channels and provide them a worldview about the upcoming market trends.

To overcome the challenges that come in the way for effective data gathering and analysis, every business needs an efficient cloud-native SaaS platform and the best data aggregation tools. The right data aggregation platform will help businesses enhance their visibility and connectivity in the digital market and break down the data silos to access crucial information and make decisions that guarantee positive outcomes.

DataChannel provides a cloud-based data integration solution that helps you integrate data strewn over multiple marketing channels into a single platform. It allows you to dig deeper into your marketing & sales operations and come out with effective marketing strategies. With 100+ pre-built marketing API connectors, you can access your data from any given marketing channel from anywhere and at any time. 

If you are a data-driven marketer from a non-technical background, you surely must understand what API connectors are and how they can help you make out-of-the-box marketing strategies that can set your business on the right track.

What are API connectors?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and refers to a specific set of rules and protocols that a program follows to maintain effective communication with each other. The marketing API connectors help maintain a consistent and seamless data supply chain to keep you updated with the market’s latest trends.


The connectors are commonly categorized based on the system they are connected to or the protocol they support. Several marketing API connectors are available that a business can use to boost its marketing efforts and enhance online sales. By integrating data of different marketing channels APIs on a single platform, you can get a vivid picture of the virtual market and carry out the business processes to improve customer experience.

The top 10 Marketing & Sales APIs that can be used for data aggregation are:

  • Google Ads: The API is a programmatic interface to Google Ads and enables developers to build applications that interact directly with the Google Ads platform, making it easier to manage complex Google Ads accounts and campaigns. With the API at your end, you can have all your marketing and sales data at your fingertips.
  • Google Analytics: The API provides one of the most advanced programmatic methods to access Google Analytics data. With the Google Analytics reporting API, you can perform ROI analysis, track all your marketing campaigns’ performance, and create custom dashboards representing the analytics data in a lucid format. The API saves both time and effort.
  • Facebook Ads: Efficiently manage all your Facebook ads with Facebook Ads API. It allows you to build applications to promote your product & services on a social media platform with over 2.7 billion active users. With this API, you can access real-time Facebook ads statistics and secure all your data safely in the data warehouse of your preference.
  • Google DoubleClick Manager: With Google DoubleClick Manager API,  you can manage and monitor all your online advertisements effortlessly. The API connector simplifies various processes involved in data aggregation, like integrating, analyzing, and reporting, to help smooth and effective campaign management.
  • Bing Ads: The Bing Ads API is developed by combining multiple web services that help developers efficiently manage advertising campaigns hosted through Bing. You can use the API to bring all your data from Bing ads under one big umbrella to create new advertising campaigns or modify the existing ones.
  • Salesforce: With Salesforce data integration API, get rid of the manual task of data entry and eliminate the risk of errors. The API ensures the safety of your business’s crucial data and secures the same into a data warehouse that you access without permissions and controls.
  • Facebook Insights: Track your brand performance on the biggest social media platform with Facebook Insights. Keep yourself updated with all your past and present reports, brand reach, ads performance, and customer engagement statistics.
  • LinkedIn Ads: The LinkedIn Ads API provides valuable insights on your LinkedIn ads’ performance, like the number of impressions, clicks, ad spend, and demographic information. The API helps you to increase your ad productivity so that better results can be achieved.
  • YouTube Analytics: The YouTube Analytics API allows developers to create custom reports having YouTube Analytics data. With this API, you can access all the data attached to your videos running on YouTube. 
  • MailChimp: The API provides an easy way to aggregate all your MailChimp data and enables you to effectively manage your campaigns, audience, trigger event-based emails, and more. With MailChimp API, you can consolidate all your past and present data and use it for business success.

Bottom Line

Marketing API connectors are becoming popular in the business world as they allow every sized organization to integrate, share, and exchange data hassle-freely. With DataChannels’ pre-built API connectors, you can automate various tasks that will bring efficiency to your marketing and sales operations. Get hands-on more than 100+ API connectors and integrate data from multiple marketing sources to get valuable insights that will help you strategize your marketing campaigns and boost sales.

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