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Facebook Ads Data Integration - Automated, No Code

How does Data Channel Help you integrate Facebook Ads data?

With the advent of social media and its effortless accessibility, brands have started undergoing a paradigm shift into the digital realm and the best part is, social media forums like that of Facebook has been contributing to brand promotion and proliferation of digital media immensely. This has primarily given birth to endless promotional opportunities for brands trying to make the best of Facebook Ads. Now Facebook Ads garner a lot of data in bits and pieces with Ad management, scalable results, customer reactions, and more statistics adding up every time you run a Facebook Ad. This is primarily why an advanced grade cloud platform for Facebook ads data integration tools is absolutely necessary for brands or clients investing in Facebook Ads. With Data Channel, all your crucial data and statistics are collated under one big automated umbrella allowing marketers to access the data as and when they require.

How can Facebook Ads API and Data Integration be beneficial for you?

Facebook Ads API

The advertising possibilities are endless in one of the best acclaimed social media platforms like Facebook with the busy platform incurring immeasurable data throughout its work course. Facebook is filled with innumerable news, updates, and advertising, making manual tracking, downloading and assembling of data real strenuous. Facebook Ads API when combined with our Data Channel’s integration platform, can efficiently ETL your Facebook Ads data and analytics without you having to be buried under huge ETL scripts and data.

Tracking Performance Made Easy

There is no need to download heavy spreadsheets and spend hours working on them to derive reports involving the number of clicks, conversions, and cost involved. Tracking performance has now been made easy.

Customised Dashboards

Every client has a different requirement when it comes to checking the Facebook Ads metric. While some require every single detail to analyse various aspects others may just require an overview to keep going. Provide the precise information clients are looking for by offering customised PPC dashboard. You can also build distinct dashboards to compare analytics of your Facebook Ads with that of the other social media data and then once again ETL them safely into one integrated platform for future requirements

Compare and Contrast Platforms

Graphs break the number of impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost for various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. This helps assess and evaluate the performance of different platforms. Further action to boast the performance can be taken based on the same

Hassle-Free Report Generation

Generating reports month on month can be a tedious task. It is time consuming and tiring. Facebook Ad reporting generates automated reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So, let the system generate detailed reports while you concentrate on enhancing your performance. Data Channel’s ETL tool can help you target metrics through your Facebook Ads API where you can compare your planned metrics and actual metrics for a better understanding of your brand’s analytics

Reports based on Demographics

Increase customer engagement by knowing your audience better. Know the region, gender and age of the audience with Facebook ads metrics and target the right group of individuals gain more recognition

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


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Yahoo Gemini

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