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Why Choose DataChannel

 Why Choose Data Channel

Brands now have access to multiple Cloud Integrations, SaaS platforms and Services that help them elevate their brand presence in the digital realm- a solution that is adopted by businesses of all levels- from enterprises to kick-starters.

All these platforms have massive amounts of information hidden in the data they generate. But what is the use of this data when it is strewn all over? Let us present you a proficient cloud native SaaS platform where data stuck in different silos can integrate and unite under one big umbrella enabling you on your journey to become a truly data driven business.

Valuable Insights

Don’t just integrate data, make it market-ready with sound analysis

Pre-built models

Improve audience targeting and spend with tested pre-built models

Cost Effective

Get all your marketing data in your fingertips at the most economical manner

Effortless Marketing

Reduce marketing jargon and increase productivity with data accuracy

Historical Data Collection

Historical Data export and syncing has never been this easy before

Flexible Pricing Range

Cost-effective infrastructure & tailored pricing range which varies based upon data needs

Load Schedule

Schedule jobs and monitor their progress and efficiency through data management


Stay updated on data usages, from where to how with expert monitoring facility

What makes Us Diffrent

Data Channel – Integration Simplified

Marketing is integral in today’s world and is key to unearthing excellent opportunities for businesses to thrive. From building brands to attracting new audiences, from impressing the existing ones to creating a strong digital footprint in the industry, data management remains crucial especially when it comes to cross-channel platforms.

However, the data we come across are often disintegrated or fragmented in small bits across every channel making it difficult for marketers to view and assess the entire picture at once.

Data generated across platforms like CRM, analytics, marketing, research, customer orientation, commerce, and more are increasing at a lightning speed. This is exactly where DataChannel steps in – to collect the granules across all platforms and collating all your data together for easy access.

Imagine all your data unified under a cloud platform with the most powerful data integration engine acting as the backbone.

Features & Advantages

Your Data Right Where You Need it

Effortlessly track, manage, and integrate data and discover real-time insights With DataChannel

Integrate any data source

Connect all your data sources to DataChannel to start syncing your data with your warehouse. Choose from the ever-growing collection of pre-built connectors to all popular cloud applications and data sources. Select data to any level of granularity and for any time period, you like.

Choose your Data Warehouse

DataChannel seamlessly connects and pushes data to all popular warehouses and databases both on cloud and on-premise including AWS Redshift, Google Bigquery, MySQL, Postgres, etc. In case you would prefer not to invest in your warehouse and resources to manage it, choose the DataChannel managed warehouse, a price-effective way of getting a single source of truth for your data.

Schedule and Monitor

Fetch historical data and schedule refresh intervals for your data pipelines at any frequency you want from as less as 15 minutes. DataChannel allows you to monitor and update your data pipelines at the click of a button through a user-friendly interface. No coding/ tech knowledge required.

Standardized Schema

DataChannel will push your data to the warehouse in a standardized schema which will allow you to quickly kick start your BI and analytics projects with minimum transformations.


Connect any BI / Visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, AWS Quicksights, GDS to your Data Warehouse to start building stunning visualizations or analytical models. Talk to our experts for guidance and assistance in getting started or let us take care of your BI requirements. Our solution experts will guide you in making the right choice.

Integrate any cloud data source with DataChannel

Effortlessly track, manage, and integrate your data and discover real-time insights with Data Integration Tools.

Tools & Services

Google Ads (Adwords)

Facebook Ads

Google Analytics

Google DoubleClick Manager

Bing Ads


Google Display & Video 360 Degree

Yahoo Gemini

LinkedIn Ads

Amazon Ads

Apple Search Ads


Amazon Marketplace



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