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Salesforce Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Salesforce?

Every data source your enterprise ever needed can now be compiled under one single umbrella. With the competitions increasing immensely, data generated by you can be priceless to your competitors. Thankfully robust platforms like Salesforce api connector ensures all your crucial data is not only under your grasp but also unified and collated together. From API management to business logic integration and more, now you can make the best of Sales Force alongside Data Channel and effortlessly integrate all your fragmented data into secure warehouses. The best part is, you get automated access to the data without having to worry about permission controls and more.

How is Salesforce combined with Data Integration benefitting you?

ETL your Salesforce Data Effortlessly using our Data Channel integration platform

If you’re looking for a proficient open-source cloud-based platform to transfer and store all your data, our Data Channel can effectively integrate all your Salesforce API and store it in a safe data silo with exclusive automated access for you.

It’s Secure and Easy

Effortlessly connect with all your customers via Salesforce and let our Data Channel integration platform collate all your essential data under one big secure data warehouse. Our Salesforce data integration tools is secure and easy to use. Your data will remain protected at all times and you shall be able to manage it with ease.

Salesforce Sandbox Account

You can make use of a Salesforce Sandbox account to begin the creation of amazing dashboards. The same can also be done if you have your Salesforce data handy. Compare customer analytics by compiling all the data you’ve generated so far into our scalable cloud-based platform.

Use TV dashboards

You have the flexibility to display your Salesforce data on a television screen where your clients/employees can view it with ease.

Simple yet Resourceful Tool

The procedure to visualise your analytics is simple with our Salesforce. As you extract data via Salesforce integration, you get suggested charts for the same. You can pick one of them and start working on the data. Alternatively, you may create your own chart using a drag and drop chart creation tool.

Create Customised Visualizations

We facilitate the creation of customised visualizations with the use of Salesforce data. Integrate or normalize data from your Salesforce and compare data quality easily. Discover new marketing insights with your ads data integration to Salesforce platform

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:



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