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How does Data Channel Help you integrate Facebook Insights data?

Every business of the modern day world strives towards creating a dominant social media presence with these robust platforms acting as influencers and mediators facilitating brand promotion to a wide plethora of potential customers. Every person nowadays is on Facebook, interacting proactively on posts, stories, videos, and more. Facebook Insights is an empowering tool that tracks user interaction on a brand or client’s official Facebook page with the exclusive data or insights on Facebook allowing end-to-end user interaction, proactive post interactions, active users in the system, and more. However, the granule data spread all across Facebook needs to be integrated together and stored in a secured platform to effortlessly access it as and when required. How does Data Channel do it? We employ a strategic module which starts with data extraction from various fragmented sources and then collating and translating it to simplified information followed by loading it on a single one-stop data warehouse with automated data access permissions.

Here’s how Facebook Page Insights alongside Data Channel Integration benefits you

ETL your Facebook Page Insights Data

Your page insights are the best judge of how your potential audience or customer panel react to your products, services, and even marketing patterns. In fact, the efficient Page Insights API tracks customer behaviour and preferences which can later be accessed and compared on the insights page to maximize your productivity on one of the most popular social media platforms.

Get valuable insight into your social media interactivity with a detailed study of customer reaction to posts, engagement topics, and more. Now consolidate the data gathered through this extensive researches and store them in a safe warehouse for future references

Data integrated by Data Channel can be used to boost customer engagement and brand prominence in online platforms with the integrated data allowing you to single out the best customer engaging activities on Facebook.

You can help your brand acquire new leads, boost customer interaction with your brand, build your page up for smooth interactions and more- all with the insights integrated from your Facebook Page Insights Data

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Facebook Insights

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