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Google Analytics Data Integration - Automated, No Code

How does Data Channel Help you integrate Google Analytics data?

In 2005, alongside acquired developer Urchin, Google launched Google Analytics for the first time- a robust platform that would go on to offer effortless data tracking, website traffic reports, and more functioning continuously under the Google Marketing Platform. The leading web analytics platform, in the present day, is considered one of the best platforms to measure performance where it tracks the type and reach of the data used. However, data generated from various platforms are still broken into multiple pieces. This is where our Data Channel jumps in using the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) ads data integration method to collate raw customer data, conversion metrics, generated reports, and more and transferring them to secure data warehouses of your choice.

How is Google Analytics API and Data Integration benefitting you?

Can You ETL Data from Google Analytics without Coding?

Yes, you can! Users who want to transfer data from their Google Analytics usually have to write a code every time they have to send data. Fortunately, Data Channel’s efficient integration platform uses Google Analytics API to ETL your important data without you having to deal with hefty codes or complicated marketing tools. However, your Google Analytics data consolidation is not our only primary expertise. We integrate your data in such a way that you can now effortlessly send them to any visualization software, database, BI tool, and even to your secured data warehouse without having to worry about making this process super lengthy.

Branded Google Analytics Report

Get detailed, easy-to-read, full colour Google Analytics reports that include your company’s logo and other specifics. Impress the client with complete information and intricate details laid out clearly.

Advanced Dashboard Layout

Dashboards typically include all kinds of information that come handy for analysing different aspects. While this is a good thing, it cannot be denied that drilling down to the specific information you require can be quite a task in such a scenario. An advanced, intuitive dashboard layout highlights the most critical data as per the client’s requirement and thus saves time.

Keep a Track of Conversions

You can improve your conversion rates and get to know your consumer journey in-depth with detailed analytical results across omnichannel networks now available at your fingertips. Our exclusive report editor eases the task of creating layouts that provide complete information about conversions, revenue, and goals. These reports can be generated for a different period of time as well as various campaigns to get a clear picture of the revenue being generated.

Page-Level Behaviour Metrics

This special feature allows you to sort different pages on the basis of performance metrics such as exit rate, bounce rate and so on. So, top performing pages and low performing pages can be set apart. You can even integrate your SEO and marketing strategies and compare them to your customer engagement results to find out what works best for your target audiences

Real Time Event Tracking Possible

The way audience is interacting and engaging with a website can be checked by real time event tracking. It provides complete information about the number of clicks, image interactions, video plays and much more and that too in real time.

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


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