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ETL DoubleClick (Google) to your Data Warehouse

Run, manage, and monitor all your online advertisements without any obstacle on the Google DoubleClick Manager with the best of data integration and analysis funneling all your crucial advertisement data, market statistics, and more into one secure warehouse through Data Channel. 


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DoubleClick (Google) Data Integration - Automated, No Code

Creating a massive digital footprint with Google Doubleclick Manager

Ever since businesses shifted online, the scope of online advertisements has simply risen to a whole new level. From attracting new exciting customers to keeping the existing crew of customers updated on all the latest developments, powerful tools like the Google DoubleClick Manager has been working wonders for online marketers looking for an outstanding online advertising platform. However, every advertisement you indulge in comes with a specific set of crucial data. From the advertisement itself to the post analysis of the ads- the market reach, the number of audience view, the number of clicks on the ads, and so on. These crucial data can be the milestone for future advertisements but with the data broken down into so many bits and pieces, the job may seem much more tedious than you thought. This is where Data Channel comes into play, using a single open-source cloud-based platform to proficiently integrate all your data and store it. 

How does Data Channel Help you integrate Google DoubleClick Manager data?

Google DoubleClick Manager

How do we make the best of our performance-based ads? Through Google DoubleClick Manager. The Google DoubleClick Manager platform is diverse allowing us to generate enriching data with every running campaign we create. Each campaign generates granules of data that needs to be collated together before subjecting it to further analysis and that is where manual data collection starts seeming strenuous. With Google Ads API, DataChannel can directly connect to your Google Ads Platform and move fragmented data pieces from your various search campaigns into one data warehouse.


Automated PPC Reporting

Running Google Ads would always have you end up with a bunch load of statistics, reports, and stressful late nights. How about we tell you you can have access to all your data in a  warehouse ready for you to connect any visualisation tool like Tableau or Power BI and automate the generation and delivery of your reports in minutes.


Conversion Measurement

Every brand works for scalable outcomes. Whether you’re looking to build your brand up or simply assisting your clients build theirs, the conversion is always the best way to measure success. However, a manual conversion metrics measurement may not be as easy as you think. With Data Channel, you can make the best of our live dashboards and automated reports simplifying conversion data effortlessly for you.


360 Ad compilation

From real-time live ad copies to clarifying ad-based metrics like the number of clicks, impressions, the position of the ad on average and top landing page listings- you can get a comprehensive detailed classification of your Ad campaigns at the tip of your fingers.


Simplified solutions

Why waste time trying to solve technically enhanced reports and answers when you or your clients can easily use our simplified features like automated reports breaking down the metrics, live dashboards allowing effortless ad tracking, campaign-based outcomes and more in a much more simplified manner without any technical jargon.


Live Data Access

Transparency and trust is the key to a healthy client relationship, something that we strictly believe in. However, not all of us are updated with the latest marketing know-how which is mainly why the Google Ads interface may not yield productive experiences for many. However, streamlining the outcomes along with access to live data allows clients a lucid and transparent idea of their campaigns and allows them the required control over permissions.

Other Featured APIs

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