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Bing Ads Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Bing Ads?

Search Engine ads are the best way to connect with a vast section of customers, maybe even people outside your target group. Search Engine ads know just what the viewer is in the lookout for and therefore, getting your search engine ads flawlessly channeled can garner more prospective customers that you can think of. However, do you know what happens when you run ads in search engines like Bing? Bing Ads generate a lot of data compiled with the post ad analysis- something that is often found fragmented. Thankfully, Data Channel knows how to efficiently manage crucial Bing Ads data for you by collecting and integrating all the fragmented pieces into one single open-source program that comes with automated permissions, visibility, and accessibility for brand owners.

How is Bing Ads API Data Integration benefiting you?

Bing Ads API

Search Engine Marketing, in general, generate a lot of crucial data with in-depth analytics, but exporting or transporting these data manually would be quite hectic which is why Bing Ads API is often used by marketers to ETL their generated data into one integrated open-source platform that allows them automated access as and when they want.

You won’t have to manually retrieve data on a daily basis with Bing Ads API and our Data Channel can consolidate and integrate all the relevant data into one secure silo for you to retrieve whenever you want.

You can use Bing Ads API to create categorized performance metrics and the integrated data can now have the perfect categorization with relevant performance metrics letting you stay ahead of your competitions.

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