Make Fast Decisions With Real-time Data Warehousing

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Turn Raw Data into Real-Time Insights With DataChannel Warehousing Solution

There is no denying the fact that the business world has become highly competitive, and every organization, regardless of its niche and size, is generating huge volumes of data daily and seeking a reliable way to drive valuable insights from them. 

The role of data has significantly been changed with the introduction of advanced methodologies that made it possible to integrate business intelligence into the organizational schema for favorable outcomes. But the lack of precise tools and techniques to handle and organize such a large pool of data is making it difficult to make the optimum utilization of the generated data. This raises the question of what to do to manage the tons of unstructured data and harness its true potential for boosting business growth?

This is where the process of Data Warehousing comes into play. It is a solution that helps organizations, ranging from startups to multinational corporations, by backing their decision-making process with real-time insights. The right data warehousing solution will improve data analytics and helps in reporting, analytics, and create several use cases that will solve business problems.

How can DataChannel help you boost your decision-making process?

In a time of increasing competition, only those companies will survive and thrive in the market that can make the best use of analytics. 

With DataChannel’s data warehousing solution, you can integrate all your data sources and bring all your data on one platform to perform analysis and churn out valuable & actionable insights. The solution will help you break down the complex data silos without affecting your budget.

In addition to this, DataChannel offers 100+ API connectors that will allow you to integrate all your marketing channels directly into the data warehouse to provide you with crucial market and customer insights in real-time.

We offer you multiple predefined sources from which you can choose the one that matches your requirements and if you can’t find one, we’d build one for you! 

DataChannel makes it possible for you to unify all your data under a cloud platform backed with a powerful and robust data integration solution.

Benefits of Data Warehousing in relation to Decision-Making

A common goal that every business shares are to make better business decisions than their competitors. With the implementation of effective data warehousing solutions, the doors to multiple & far-sighted benefits open up.

Fast and easy access to data

The pace of accessing information related to the market and your customer segment is what sets you above your competitors. With an effective data warehousing solution, you can access data from multiple sources from different marketing platforms in real-time. This means that not even a single second is wasted in retrieving data from several sources. With the right data in hand at the right time, you can make fast and accurate decisions without bringing the IT department into the frame light.

Data quality and consistency

The best thing about using a data warehouse is that it allows you to consolidate data from numerous sources and convert it into a single format that is used in your organization. When the data is accessed by different departments across an organization, they will line up their work accordingly and be consistent with each other. Apart from this, with standardized data, you can ensure data accuracy that will lay the foundation for robust decision making.

Decision making at its best

Decision-making is no longer dependent on limited data and hunches. Data warehouses will serve you with reliable facts and statistics and help business owners make more informed decisions backed with information retrieved. In addition to fueling your decision-making process, a data warehouse will also assist you in marketing segmentation, financial management, inventory management, and sales.


By using an effective Data Warehousing Solution like DataChannel, you can centralize all your data onto a cloud platform and format it into the desired format. The formatted data can be used across multiple departments across an organization to make decisions that can drive the highest ROI.

The platform is designed specifically for data analysis, report generation, and support ad-hoc queries. Additionally, it allows you to extract large amounts of data from your company’s in-house and external databases and turns the same into meaningful information and actionable insights on which lays the foundation for better decision making.

A data warehouse is a crucial asset for any business that wants to benefit from sound business decisions. If you’re looking to implement a data warehouse into your business, contact us today and book a demo now on

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