The Best Way to Use Smart Data to Deliver a Higher Marketing ROI

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“Unleash the power of data-driven marketing with DataChannel”

Smart data can take marketers a long way when it comes to delivering a higher marketing ROI. Gone are the days when marketing decisions were backed by assumptions or a hunch. In today’s time, marketers don’t even take the tiniest of risk and rely on a safer source of information called Customer Data.

But it is unfortunate that there are so many struggles that accompany the data-driven approach. While many marketers are skeptical about where to find useful data, others complain about the lack of proper tools to aggregate data strewn over multiple sources. They find it difficult to access, analyze, and compare the information they possess to make decisions that can guarantee favorable results.

The lack of an advanced data warehouse hardens the task of effective integration of marketing data for organizations. Only 8% of companies store all their data in one place, known as a Data Warehouse. This thing can sum up the fact that marketers face so many troubles when it comes to making the most out of the available data.

Get a grip on the “Big Data” with Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is the route through which you can get to the heart of your customers. It is an approach that you can use to optimize your brand communications based on the information you accessed from the customer data.

Data Drivan Marketing

Marketers use customer data to anticipate their needs, wants, and behaviors. Diving deeper into such insights helps marketers to tailor their marketing strategies in a way that brings the highest possible return on investment.

Nearly 80% of organizations believe that data-driven marketing leads to increased conversion and customer acquisition.

If you wish to be one of the top marketers and bring higher marketing ROI, it is crucial for you to look for a platform where you can consolidate all your data scattered across multiple marketing platforms to run analysis and get hands-on the relevant information.

DataChannel offers you a no-code data integration platform that helps you dig out the information hidden in big data silos. With 100+ API connectors, you can ensure the timely flow of information from different marketing channels into the warehouse of your choice. At DataChannel, you can easily get a platform that matches your organization’s data integration requirements and, more importantly, budget.

Ways to use marketing data to deliver higher marketing ROI

No matter how big or small your business is, data-driven marketing can help you make a bond of a lifetime with your customers and ensure the consistent delivery of higher marketing ROI.

Here are a few points that you can look at to understand how data-driven marketing can help you create an influx for better ROI for your organization:


1- Help you understand your audience better: With effective data analysis, you can understand what your target audience expects from your brand. This will help you customize your marketing strategies accordingly.

You can even merge your customer’s data from various online and offline sources to find what you exactly need to do to bring more customers to your business.

With a complete overview of your target audience data, you can create more compelling content and marketing campaigns like a perfect marketer.

Every small to large business organization is moving towards customer data to analyze the habits and behaviors of their customers across geographical boundaries to make their targeted customers fall in love with their brand.

When you know your customers, what they need, their interest, and in what manner they will react to certain products and services, you can shape your marketing strategies in a way that will keep your customers hooked to your brand.

2- Tailored marketing campaigns: One of the main reasons behind the failure of the marketing campaigns is that they aren’t relevant. If your marketing campaigns are not created, keeping in mind the needs of your target audience, they will eventually fail.

For example, if you are showing your kids wear ads to singles or if your email campaign about buying your new product is sent to subscribers who already have made the purchase. Such marketing efforts are nothing but a waste of time and resources.

And we know you don’t want this.

Marketing data helps you create efficient marketing campaigns with customized offers, ad copies, and landing pages, along with helping you find channels on which you can run those campaigns.

With DataChannel, you can conquer all marketing channels with 100+ API connectors and get a bigger picture of the market and customer preferences on a single dashboard.

3- Better connection with your potential customers: With marketing data in hand, you can build effective campaigns that help you better connect with your target audience. With the continuous flow of marketing data to your data warehouse, you can make changes in campaigns in real-time to ensure their blockbuster performance on different channels, along with creating an influx for the better ROI coming your way.

4- Select the best channels for promotion: The marketing data not only helps you reveal the preferences, needs, and expectations of your existing & potential clients but also helps you determine which channels will be best for your brand to do the promotion to engage more and more audience.

Such insights can help you deliver your brand’s message and vision statement to the target audience and persuade them to reach out to you.

5- Manage your budget: You don’t have an infinite budget to create marketing campaigns one after the other and wait for them to fetch you expectable results. If you want to thrive in the marketing world, it’s crucial you make the best use of your limited budget.

Thanks to the big data that can help you invest your marketing budget on the right channels and target audience to deliver a higher marketing ROI.

With the right data at your end, you can scale the use of channels that deliver you better ROI and abandon the campaigns with a poor conversion rate. This way, you can ensure the highest return on an investment made.

6- Power up your decision-making process: With the right data at the right time, you can make crucial business decisions timely and accurately. Result-oriented and fast decision making is the core of marketing ROI.

Faster decisions lead to faster actions and boost your productivity in no time. Increased productivity can save you millions in operational costs and thus contributes to boosting ROI.

Stop stalling and boost your ROI with Smarter Data

Boost ROI

With smart data analytics, you can easily find the purchasing habits of your customers that will help you provide them with what they want. The customer data can help you plan out marketing strategies for the win.

The very first step you need to take towards growing your marketing ROI is getting a brilliant data warehousing solution from DataChannel. We offer you a cloud-native SaaS platform that will help you gather all your customer data from different platforms and convert the same into a picture of what you all need to perform to maximize your profits.

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