Marketing Reporting Tools: Get Reports That Help To Analyze Marketing Data

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Custom marketing reports can be created, and success in marketing can be measured by implementing the right marketing reporting tools. With a precise understanding of marketing reports, marketers can be more efficient at their jobs and create effective marketing campaigns without wasting a single penny of their budget. 

These reporting tools for marketers also help in the creation of analytic reports. Social media reports and reports related to the PPC campaign can also be drafted by using the right tools available out there. These tools provide specific automation and bring ease in streamlining the workflow. Not only does their usage save time and money, but also the efforts that could have gone wasted. 

All these factors work towards improving the efficiency of the platforms. Marketing API connectors can be used to join platforms together. By creating the right reports, one can visualize their progress and also white label client reports. 

The range of platforms from which they can access data also expands. The concept of marketing ETL (extract, transform, and load) can also be applied well to achieve the desired output.

A look at data channel tools

Brands these days have good access to integrations that happen in the cloud. These include those that occur between SaaS platforms and services which are present to provide a place to a particular brand and in marking its presence. 

This is about the appearance that happens majorly in the digital arena and also that which is adopted by businesses and enterprises at all stages. This can range from well-established enterprises to those that are new in the market. 

All these platforms have loads and loads of information. This massive bundle of information is present in the data that is generated by them. But then, we have to consider the uses of data that are spread all over. What we have to do is that we need to put further for you a SaaS platform that is native and where data is present in between several layers. 

All these have to be integrated and accumulated under one primary outline. This also has to take a leap in the process of enabling one on their journey and to get driven by data in their businesses.

Some of the facilities that are an essential part of data channel tools are:

The pre-built models are available- The availability of more than 100 pre-build models and the power to customize more, you can collect data from several platforms and create campaigns that target the right audience.

Effortless marketing happens in this case- With reduced marketing jargon and the use of one data formatting, you can increase productivity with data accuracy.

The price range is flexible- A cost-effective data infrastructure, and the pricing range varies depending on your data requirements.

Data channel and its services 

There is a wide range of vital services being offered by DataChannel. One of the major ones is the data warehousing solution, where data can be collected to dig valuable insights. Gaining some important insights is crucial for decision-making and for doing a proper analysis of the opportunities and making the most out of them.

It basically helps one to generate the services as per the current market demands. Apart from all that, it is cost-effective. Cost is reduced because one can access all the data from one single repository and get access to actionable insights without any manual support. 

Other reporting tools for marketers

  • Google Analytics


Image Courtesy: Google

Despite being widely used, Google analytics, has got a reputation that says that it is too basic. It focuses on certain specific metrics. But the thing here is that reports need to be generated by going into detail. 

One needs to go beyond the estimates that are generated on a surface level. Gaining a reference to the right points can help one to clear up a few things. Sorting on specific and custom dimensions can make people well versed in how conversions happen. 

In the process, more context is gained. Having the right background increases accuracy. One reason why google analytics hasn’t got the reputation it deserves is that it packs up data that can be very valuable. 

Also, it does not clearly remove the ambiguities that can arise with the idea of conversion. Not everyone who lands on a site essentially converts. Google Analytics is packed with data to make it available for marketers and advertisers. 

One only has to know how to create custom reports that can unlock the data. Data API connectors facilitate the passage of data.

  • Cyfe-The all in one tool


Image Courtesy: Google

Cyfe is kind of a dashboard for advertisers and marketers. It is an all in one single panel. This has in-depth integrations with almost all social, analytics and CRM platforms that are available in the market.

These integrations are aggregated together to create a dashboard which goes forward to show how one change impacts the result of other activities. All this is done without logging in and out of different tools. 

The tracking that happens here is of a reasonable level. Every element from social media platforms is incubated in a module, and efficient monitoring is performed because of this. Google Ads was previously known as Google AdWords. 

Finance and sales can be tracked here. Report building happens in a custom fashion and dashboard management in the right way allows one to create different dashboards. This depends on one’s goals or teams. 

SEO teams can have their own dashboards, and maybe others can center around focusing on PPC. Another positive point is that this has a free version.

Things can be kept in a properly managed way if more than one dashboards are created. Data integration tools and Data Aggregation tools are implemented to achieve the one dashboard idea.

Dashboards can be structured around specific segments. Some of these segments can be blogging or advertising. Also, email, SEO and other similar things can also be counted in the sector. 

A large amount of tools is not required to track things. This one tool is more than enough. The critical thing here is that it brings you the combined power of multiple devices. And, the free version is motivation enough to go for this. Data grabber can be used in such types of tools to get all the data in one place.

  • Callrail


Image Courtesy: Google

Advertisers are focused on one thing, and that is conversion. A reasonable conversion rate can not only be produced by using the tools to do thorough market research, but also by implementing the technique of bringing phone calls into the picture. 

Analysis and reports have been evidence of the fact that phone calls have been producing some of the best conversions which are desirable by advertisers. As per the past trends, the rate of phone call conversions is around 30-50%. 

That is quite a good percentage if compared to low and single-digit conversion rates. Not only that, talking about the preference, 65% of the people prefer to establish a contact to business by phone and not online forms. 

All this concludes to one thing, and that is, that phone calls require your best attempts at transforming leads into customers.

In fact, the call data of some companies show that phone calls generate better lead quality. Also, calls can be recorded to better understand a user’s feedback, pain points or objections. CallRail is a call specific reporting tool that is used for generating insights into why and how a business was called.

  • Supermetrics


Image Courtesy: Google

This is quite similar to Cyfe. This is because super metrics also aggregate data from more than one tool to form a single understandable dashboard. It relies for connectivity on google data studio when it is required to display metrics and data. 

Supermetrics can compile data by using PPC tools, social and website analytics and other SEO tools. Many processes are automated. Reports which are to be collected need to be scheduled and sent to one’s inbox in a CSV format or these can be linked back to other platforms. 

If one doesn’t have time, one does not have to check the platforms. These also include reports which are templated and built by professional data analysts. Another added feature that comes up here is cross-platform reporting modules which can compare traffic, users and some spending has to be done across each advertising campaign on a single platform. Data aggregation tools are used to achieve this.

Automation is a Supermetrics feature that is quite best selling. It continually scrubs each platform that has been connected. This is done to pull real-time data and emails on a weekly and monthly basis. It can be termed as one of the best reporting tools for marketers.

  • Analytics Canvas

Analytics Canvas

Image Courtesy: Google

According to surveys and the latest market data, marketers and advertisers use more than 12 marketing tools. This is the average number of tools used for marketing and advertising. Integrating tools in a better way helps in marketing and advertising and to create reports related to the same. 

Analytics Canvas is actually high for marketers and advertisers who have a strong technical and analytical background. Analytics Canvas helps the program to collect data from varying sources. 

Information on reports can be collected from analytics. Additional export features to google data studio are also offered while gathering information. This allows one to combine things for a better experience. 

This program is quite technical as compared to other platforms. It also comes with automation features. Most of the work of compiling reports and generation of the same can be done by emailing straight to inbox on a daily basis. 

If you are well versed in automation and creating workflows, then these can prove to be great for an authoritative report generation.

Benefits you get from using Marketing Reporting Tools.

In every organization, loads of data are generated on a daily basis that requires proper analysis and reporting to get information that helps businesses drive their actions in the right direction. Consolidating all your business information in a single dashboard can help you a ton. With the right reporting tools for marketers at your end, you can get rid of your digital marketing struggles and be a pro at what you are doing. Here are some of the benefits that you will get after incorporating the best reporting tools in your business processes:

  • No more dependence on manual tasks: How about getting all your data from various platforms like Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others imported in the same format? Cool, right. No matter how experienced professionals you hire, it would still involve a lot of effort and time to extract, consolidate, and organize reports in data. Using a marketing reporting tool, you can get all your data in a single dashboard within minutes and focus your time on using crucial information to drive the best to your business.
  • Accuracy like never before: When data analysis and reporting processes are done manually, there is a higher risk of errors. Humans might miss out on something important or make mistakes that can make your vision blur. The risk of errors and questions put on the accuracy of data can be eliminated with the automated reporting tools. You can even customize your dashboard and reports, so it meets the accuracy requirement of your business and sets it right on the path of growth and success.
  • A holistic approach: Marketing reporting tools help you consolidate data from all marketing channels and put them in a single dashboard. The dashboard provides an easy-to-understand view of your data and shows you where your marketing campaigns are heading so that you can make the right decisions to ensure your campaigns’ success.
  • Boost productivity: Being in the business for a long time, you must have understood that time is money. Depending on the manual methods of reporting will cost you not only the productive hours of your day but also puts the accuracy of driven insights at risk. With the right tools, you can get hold of a single dashboard that will save you time when it comes to reporting. When reporting is done within minutes, you can drive your time and efforts in making the best of the driven insights, boost productivity, and generate more revenue.

Data channel success reports

Data from all of one’s online platforms can be compiled on a single destination i.e data channel where data gathering is required. Complicated reports can be created when a compilation of data is needed, and a success report is to be developed. 

Success reports of data channel show you a functional analysis. The critical measurement units can be deciphered across and ad platforms or occasions that use a customized funnel. 

Also, one can take reference from data that is based on a particular period, and incremental changes to the reports and trends with time can be seen.

Success reports have been taking into consideration, the outputs of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, in order to give a funnel attribution that is specific. 

This is for the purpose of moving from acquisition to conversion. Here, the cost associated with each phase is also taken into account.

We can always see how things work for one’s own account. Reporting is sometimes the single best derivation one has got. 

So, these top tools can be put to good use by successfully analyzing their capabilities and potentials and also the significant impact that these can have on the process of forming marketing reports. 

These reports are also created by arriving at significant conclusions that we came across while collectively stacking all the bundled pieces of information. 

Data grabber can be effectively introduced to give good yields. Marketing reporting tools prove to be quite a success in putting forward a well-framed report which covers all significant aspects. Also, marketing API connectors can give effective results.

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