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Please Note: – Our plans are billed annually by default, but you can contact us if you wish to opt for a monthly payout plan.

# You have the option to use DataChannel to manage your secured data warehouses with AWS/ Google Cloud available at an additional charge. You can contact us for accurate pricing plans to manage your warehouse.
*The pricing range might vary with the data warehouse size and the number of database users.
*User Training for 3 hours can be availed online. However, additional user training can be organized with an additional charge implied on the service.
*$5 per million rows will be moved beyond the monthly limit.

Data Visualization support available for Tableau, PowerBI, Klipfolio, Domo, Amazon QuickSights, Google Data Studio.  Please Contact us for pricing details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if the number of rows listed in my plan exceeds?
Even if the number of rows exceeds the plan, you will continue to receive data from your configured source. However, the extra rows will be billed additionally along with your plan and the limit will reset itself on the 1st of every month.
What is DataChannel managed data warehouse?

Setting up a data warehouse would incur a lot of expenses in terms of ownership and management of infrastructure, licensing, manpower training, and miscellaneous administrative tasks. If you wish to avoid the hefty cost of creating and managing your own data warehouse, you can use our professionally trained DBAs and host your the data in our secure cloud-hosted data warehouse with options to choose between AWS Redshift or Google Bigquery. If you’re a user with a custom plan you can intimate us about your preferred choice of technology and we will gladly accommodate the same.

What are the charges for the managed data warehouse service?

The pricing usually varies keeping aspects such as data volume, retention period, user numbers, and other aspects. Pricing slabs start with $300 for the first 100 GB of data stored and $200 per 100 GB thereafter. For DataChannel Managed warehouse. For very large data volumes, contact us, and our pricing experts will evaluate your requirement and get back to you with an accurate price quote.

Can I get support for my Data Visualization or Dashboarding requirements?

Yes. We have a team of Data Visualization experts with extensive experience of working with various technologies like Tableau, PowerBI, Klipfolio, Amazon QuickSights, Google Data Studio. We also have a large library of stock dashboards for the popular data sources and used cases to get you started quickly.

How is the Data Visualization support billed?

Data Visualization support services are billed by the number of hours spent on creating dashboards. These services can be booked in multiples of 10 hours with a minimum of 40 hours. Please contact our pricing experts for detailed price quotes for your specific requirement.

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