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Make the best of your performance ads by integrating all your Google Drive Ads Data under one big data silo. Now you can exclusively access your integrated data with special controlled permissions allowing you to keep your data safe from third party infiltration.




Google Drive Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Google Drive Data?

If you’re working the ropes in a corporate or managing your flourishing business, Google Drive will be the lifeline for all your data storage. From the most crucial information to daily reports, updates, campaigns and more- storage is made simple with Google’s very own storage drive. In fact, this auto-sync platform effectively connects with your Google account and can automatically save and store your data without undergoing lengthy procedures. However, all your real-time documents attached to your Google Drive needs to be integrated under one big data warehouse to amplify data usage and access convenience and manual scriptures and codes may take hours and hours of labor effort. Thankfully, Data Channel’s open-source platform has just what you’re looking for.

How is Data Channel Integrating Google Drive Data

Google Drive API

Data Channel has perfected the process of data integration with our secure data silo allowing easy storage, retrieval, and accessibility of all your Google Drive data. You can link Data Channel to your Google Drive platform to automatically integrate real-time data with controlled access and permission settings keeping your data safe and secure from third-parties. In fact, Data Channel will also proactively help you scale your Google Drive data too. Here’s how Data Channel can effortlessly simplify your data storage, access, and scalability solutions.

1. Each campaign, report, or data generated by your Google Drive platform gets safely stored in Data Channel’s data silo. 

2. You can retrieve information and data from previous campaigns and compare the results with your active campaign

3. You can customize data visibility and access controls with comprehensive permission settings. 

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


Google Drive


Amazon S3


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