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Appsflyer is a global attribution leader that provides in-depth and unified visibility into the various touchpoints along a user journey. It offers multiple attribution metrics such as ranking the best media sources based on reach, retention, remarketing, growth, and monetization.
Mobile app attribution determines which campaigns, partners, and channels drive your app installs and post-install events, such as in-app purchases. Marketers rely on these insights to measure and optimize marketing activities for both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns. AppsFlyer empowers brands with a holistic view of this mobile app attribution data, by connecting and engaging a customer across platforms, channels, and devices. It offers a complete breakdown of an app’s organic and non-organic installs and its in-app events.

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Use DataChannel to extract, clean, integrate (with 100+ data sources), and load AppsFlyer data into an analytics-ready data warehouse of your choice. Combined insights from Appsflyer and other marketing channels help App-developers, Brands, and Ad-agencies to track and optimize their user acquisition funnel. DataChannel can seamlessly ingest both raw and aggregated data reports from Appsflyer giving you access to all possible data points and metrics even for very large accounts.Uncover best performing channels and answer tough questions such as ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), ARPU, etc., by integrating scattered and siloed data across flat files, Cloud APIs (sales, advertising, marketing, CRM, email, etc.), Data Warehouses (Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, etc.), Cloud Storages (GCS, Amazon S3, etc.) and much more.DataChannel empowers its users to connect AppsFlyer data with their favorite data visualization and BI tools for immediate value creation, leveraging the power of interactive visual dashboard-style reporting and performance analysis, in real-time.

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