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Amazon Ads ETL to your Data Warehouse

What if we told you a single platform could hunt down and collect all your Amazon Ads data from adverts to analytics and more and then automate exclusive rights for you to effortlessly access the data whenever you want?




Amazon Ads Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Amazon Ads?

Ecommerce is thriving with every small and medium-sized brand now looking for a steadfast platform like Amazon where they can display, showcase, and sell their products and services. E-commerce moguls like Amazon have thus created a golden opportunity for thriving brands and budding businesses as such with an amazing advertisement platform, commonly known as, Amazon Ads. You can run ads, channelize your products, introduce new items to your customers and more. However, you would want to keep a steady track on the data generated on these Ads and that’s where we at Data Channel swoop in to save the day. The data, broken down into bits and pieces get integrated with our open-source cloud-platform and from there onwards we move on to a bigger, better data warehouse where all your data is safely stored with exclusive access rights given to you.

How will Amazon Ads and Data Integration benefit you?

What is Amazon Ads API?

Searching, connecting, and engaging with millions of customers on the Amazon portal is now easy with Amazon Ads API single-handedly taking care of all your report generations, customer engagement tracking, campaign management, and more. The API can ETL all your crucial data within minutes and with our cloud-based open-source platform like Data Channel by your side, you can effortlessly integrate all these data into one secure warehouse.



You can now consolidate all your crucial data into one big silo with automated permission allowing you easy accessibility and scaling options.



You can now automate your report generation and have our data integration platform integrate all the reports you have every generated under one umbrella.

You can now track customer engagement and campaign effectiveness easily.

You can break down visibility and customer interaction of individual products listed on the Amazon Ads along with detailed reports on a search result and product pages.

You can boost brand awareness and track consumer behavior towards your products or individual product with all the analytical data effectively stored for future scaling or accessibility.

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


Amazon Ads

Google Ads (Adwords)

Bing Ads

Yahoo Gemini

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