Marketer’s Arsenal: Data-Driven Analytics

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“Unlock the true potential of your data for better marketing decisions.”

Marketing has evolved over the years, and the methods used earlier are no longer effective. The era of technological advancement has changed the very essence of marketing, and now every marketing strategy is based on the data collected instead of hit and trial methods.

In the competitive data-driven market, no organization is willing to spend its budget without knowing what will work and what will not. Data-driven marketing is the only window that can help marketers invest their limited budget across a plethora of activities, including branding, awareness, internet marketing, and launching new products.

But creating a marketing strategy is not as simple as you might think. As already said- marketing has evolved with the times, and every business has plenty of options to choose from, such as paid search, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing. The real task is to find what option will work best for a business and what will only result in budget exhaustion. 

81% of marketers consider implementing data-driven marketing strategies extremely complicated. The struggle is real when you don’t have the right tools and technologies in your marketing arsenal. 

One of the best tools in modern marketers’ arsenal is Big Data. Using this big data can help make marketing more of a science than a simple guessing game of trial and error.

To manage the big data, you need a comprehensive data integration technology that will assist you in making the most of your data, and that’s where DataChannel comes into the frame.

How can DataChannel help you with creating effective marketing strategies?

DataChannel offers an excellent cloud-based data integration solution that helps you integrate data from multiple marketing channels into a single platform. The road to making effective marketing strategies begins with us as we help you dig deeper into your marketing & sales operations and come out with actionable insights. 

Data Channel Marketing Strategy

Another thing that works like icing on the cake is our 100+ API marketing connectors that help you automatically integrate your data from any given marketing channel from anywhere and at any time.

If you want to become a true data-driven marketer, we can help you out. At DataChannel, you can get a customized data integration platform that matches your organization’s data integration requirements and, more importantly, your budget.

The Marketer’s Arsenal

In addition to Big Data, another major tool in a marketer’s arsenal is Personalization. With so much data generated in every organization, marketers have started focusing more on personalization as they believe that it will provide greater benefits to businesses in the form of increased customer satisfaction and a boost in sales. 

To create a truly personalized experience, marketers must focus their attention on customer behavior and trends, along with keeping an eye on the actual advert and channel of communication. While personifying a marketing strategy, aspects like creativity and media should also be taken into consideration.

With the advancement in technology, marketing channels have also become more complex. Different channels, like display ads, videos, social media, and emails, require different types of marketing creatives. For this reason, a marketer can use a single creative in various formats. Data has, to a little extent, simplified marketing by providing information to businesses about what their customers actually want so that the same can be provided to them to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

But does silos of data allow marketers to remain creative?

The more the data, the lesser will be the scope for creativity. This is the reason every marketer must understand why creativity is needed more than ever in an era where organizations are loaded with data from several sources. By balancing data and creativity, marketers can create smart tactics to provide a competitive advantage to their brand.

Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing

The right information at the right time

With the right data in hand, marketers can promptly filter through critical data and dig out valuable and relevant information on which action can be taken.

Customer Experience

Data-driven marketing can help marketers improve user experience through feedback forms or customer surveys and developing an understanding of what needs to be improved.


The right data helps marketers segment a target market to ensure that personalized messages fall in the right place.

Product development

When you launch products that are designed, keeping in mind the customers’ needs, the chances of their failure reduces. 


The data tell marketers which channels the targeted customers are using to communicate the right message through adverts and content marketing.

Final Thoughts

Fine-tuning the relevant data and using a holistic approach when it comes to reaching out to customers is the right way to successful data-driven marketing. In modern marketing, customers are the king, and focusing on their behavior to predict the upcoming trends can help marketers create an effective marketing campaign.

The need for data-driven marketing is increasing with the changing expectations and needs of customers. However, their many challenges that a marketer has to face to deliver an exception solution that guarantees positive outcomes. But with a reliable data integration solution, like the one from the DataChannel, can help marketers create a robust and truly effective marketing strategy.

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