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Get automated access to all your Twitter Data with Data Channel collating, integrating, and funneling all your important data, measurements, metrics, and more into a one-stop open source cloud platform with easy permission accessibility and live tracking features.

What is Twitter?

The world is simply incomplete without the latest updates trending on Twitter. Being one of the massive social media platforms to garner customer attention, Twitter has been diligently helping budding businesses grow their audience cycle by allowing both entrepreneurs and potential customers a platform to not just directly interact, but also to share insights, upgrades, promotions, customer thought-process, feedback, and more. The scope of Twitter is magnificent with opportunities knocking at every door and this is probably why brands wanting to burn down bridges between them and their audience base are always proactively working on making their Twitter page as robust as possible. However, every small step in Twitter is bound to generate a lot of crucial data from your Twitter engagement posts and pictures to in-depth analysis of those posts and customers reacting on them. This is why integration platforms with endless cloud access, just like Data Channel, created an open-source platform for brands and clients to effortlessly integrate their fragmented data into one huge pile with automated access ensuring they get constant accessibility and update on their stored data.

How does Data Channel Help you integrate Twitter data?

Twitter API

How do we make the best of our performance-based ads? Through Google Ads API. The Google Ads platform is diverse allowing us to generate enriching data with every running campaign we create. Each campaign generates granules of data that needs to be collated together before subjecting it to further analysis and that is where manual data collection starts seeming strenuous. With Google Ads API, DataChannel can directly connect to your Google Ads Platform and move fragmented data pieces from your various search campaigns into one data warehouse.

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


Facebook Insights


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