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Microsoft SQL Server Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Microsoft SQL Server?

Relational databases have changed data monitoring and management in today’s world with powerful platforms like Microsoft SQL Server storing, retrieving, modifying, and monitoring your database for you. While these databases have been making your job easier for you- there are still fragments of data that are found scattered all over these databases. How about we present to you a robust open-source platform that integrates all your data ever generated into one single warehouse for you? Data Channel has not just been integrating your data for you, but has also been participating in meticulous scaling and monitoring of your data for you.

How does Data Channel Help you integrate Microsoft SQL Server data?

Microsoft SQL Server API

How do we make the best of our performance-based ads? Through Google Ads API. The Google Ads platform is diverse allowing us to generate enriching data with every running campaign we create. Each campaign generates granules of data that needs to be collated together before subjecting it to further analysis and that is where manual data collection starts seeming strenuous. With Google Ads API, DataChannel can directly connect to your Google Ads Platform and move fragmented data pieces from your various search campaigns into one data warehouse.

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


AWS Redshift




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