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Google Display & Video 360 Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Google Display & Video 360 Degree?

Technology has come upon us like a boon blessing us with features we would think was impossible just a decade back. Such is the empowering enigma of Google’s Display & Video 360 where online marketers can make the best of their advertising and branding campaigns using pictures and videos that rotate in a 360-degree angle, giving customers a much more up-close and personal experience of the brand as they see. However, data generated by these 360 pictures and videos are often found granule all over the server making it difficult for marketers to organize and collate it. Data Channel has hence created a safe haven for all your fragmented digital data integrating them under one single roof.

How does integration of Google Display and Video 360 benefit you?

Google Display and Video 360 API

Retrieving crucial advertising data through a veteran API allows marketers an added advantage over analytics with the data not only highlighting accuracy but time-efficient integration too. Manually sifting through data can be strenuous but nothing is impossible with our steadfast data integration platform beside you. ET L your Google Display and Video 360 data in just a few minutes.

You can integrate all your Google Display and Video 360 data and then categorize and segregate your data for scaling- and all of these can be executed right here at your secure integrated data warehouse.

Marketers can combine data integration and Google Display and Video 360 to query with over 200 metrics allowing you an in-depth insight.

The integrated data can be effectively stored under one data warehouse with effective permission and control settings allowing you access, visibility and scalability anytime, anywhere.

Other Featured APIs

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