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Amazon Marketplace Data Integration - Automated, No Code

What is Amazon Marketplace?

E-commerce platforms are out there helping independent third-party brands thrive with their efficient user-friendly interface allowing people from all walks of life to engage equally. Amazon Marketplace is one such thriving e-commerce like Amazon where multiple third-party brands showcase and broadcast their products, services, and brands. However, in the sea of competitors, it would be a shame if all your crucial Amazon Marketplace data gets fragmented all over the system. Why don’t we let Data Channel’s effective cloud-based platform integrate all your user data into one specific warehouse where you can view and access all your data generated so far without a hiccup.

How will Amazon Marketplace and Data Integration benefit you?


What is Amazon MarketPlace API?

The Amazon MarketPlace is a dynamic platform that allows vendors across the globe to channel Amazon’s marketing platform to boost their brands, products, and services effortlessly. However, fetching data and collating it manually is a tedious task in itself which is why the MarketPlace API is used to ETL all the data to a secure data warehouse by Data Channel, and the best part is, the entire procedure takes only a few minutes.

You can coordinate and transform any data from your Amazon Marketplace within minutes and store them in a secured integrated data silo.

Amazon Marketplace campaigns along with the integrated data from the previous campaigns collated by marketers can help them gauge customer interaction, individual product or service effectiveness, marketing strategy effectiveness and more. This will, in turn, help budding brands improve their online presence and reputation.

Automated report generation and integrated report data storage can not only help you measure your brand’s effectiveness but also help you modify, clean, or normalize your previous data to improve data quality and effectiveness.

Marketers can combine data generated from other sources and develop new insights and new correlations.

Other Featured APIs

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:


Amazon Marketplace

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