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Tired of hours of manual effort needed to move data with spreadsheets and buggy scripts? We’re here to ensure all your data is integrated into a warehouse of your choice quickly while offering you all the customization power you need.

Features- DataChannel

Features that make us the data warehouse integration platform of choice

Enterprise Scale

Our future proof and scalable system architecture allows you to scale infinitely and connect to as many data sources as required to move any data volume you may need to. We can easily support data volumes in Billions of rows and data sizes in TeraBytes.

Hundreds of pre-built connectors

We have pre-built integrations for all popular cloud apps and data sources. If you have a specific requirement not covered by our existing list, we will be happy to build the integration for you.

Cloud Native

Our cloud data integration software uses cloud resources to host the application and has been designed to work with any cloud service provider. Utilizing cloud-native architecture allows us to offer a very reliable and scalable architecture at affordable prices.

Ease of Use

You do not need a large tech team to manage your Data pipelines with our data warehouse integration platform. With its easy to use and friendly interface, business users can configure, manage and utilise their data without requiring any tech intervention.

Complete control on Data

Unlike other data integration tools we do not dictate the frequency, refresh interval or granularity of data being pulled from the data sources. With DataChannel you decide how much and when you need to refresh your data. Our data integration tools offer you unparalleled control over the granularity of data being called and its organisation.

Choose where your data resides

With DataChannel, you have the option to choose where you want the data to be hosted, on the cloud, on premise or in our fully managed enterprise data warehouse. Wherever your data resides, you have full control over the data access and retention policies. We support almost all popular enterprise data warehouse technologies and if we do not yet support your favourite tech, contact us and we will build out the support for it.

Affordable Pricing

DataChannel pricing has a number of tiers and options to choose from to arrive at the plan you need at a cost you can afford.

Complete Visibility

With our data integration platform, you will have complete visibility into your Data Pipelines and you can monitor each run and see what data was fetched and errors if any.

Standardised Schema

We ensure your data is available to you, ready to be consumed by your reporting / visualisation tool of choice. The data is available in a standardised well documented and normalised schema so that you do not waste time in data clean up / ETL before consuming it for BI / Analytics purposes.

Data Security

We take security of your data seriously and take every step to ensure your data is protected from unauthorised access. Using world class encryption, access and rights management we ensure your data is accessible only to you. We do not store your API passwords and each data source will be authenticated by your team using the OAuth2 standards.

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