Clearlight Sauna

Case Study

With 20 years of expertise, Clearlight ensures that you receive the best in infrared technology. They bring saunas that are intuitive, safe and can seamlessly fit into your home, both indoors and outdoors. They have more than 40k satisfied customers worldwide. Clearlight International is a collaboration with Clearlight US to distribute Clearlight products in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.



  • Manual collection of performance data from each data source.
  • Time-consuming and error-prone marketing, sales and financial reporting.
  • Inability to efficiently connect data from different platforms (Marketing, Sales and Financial)
  • No standardized approach to budget planning and forecasting.



  • DataChannel facilitated integrating different data sources for Clearlight including, Infusionsoft, FreshDesk, GA, AdWords, Bing and Cin7 into a common repository. This consolidated data source is being used to create compelling visualizations and intuitive reports to track the performance of major KPIs.
  • It is now easy to schedule automatic exports to their Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift and combine marketing, sales, and financial data to create an overall company health dashboard.
  • By streamlining the reporting process, Data Channel has made it possible for Clearlight to look at all the updated reports in real-time without any need for high investment in technology infrastructure.


How Clearlight benefited from Data Channel

  • All data is available in one central platform – ensuring reliable reports of all marketing and CRM KPIs
  • The time needed to generate comprehensive cross channel marketing reports has been reduced by 90%.
  • Reliable reporting of all CRM, sales and financial figures as a result of coherent and complete data sources
  • Access to real-time accurate data allowed faster decision making across the organization.
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