The Best ETL Tool & Data Integration for Amazon AWS

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The complexity of the data landscape increases with every additional data source and that is the very reason that businesses look for a data infrastructure that can grow with their changing requirements, processes, and regulations.
In this data-driven business world, every piece of information when utilised properly or not enough can make or break your business, therefore, it becomes crucial to have a robust data infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular IaaS (infrastructure as a Service) solutions used by organizations to simplify their data architectures and reduce costs. With this solution at your end, you can invest in the right amount of compute resources, data storage, and networking from a hosting provider. 

In today’s time, AWS has captured 40% of the total IaaS market around the world and serves its benefits to organizations working in different domains. The problem in using AWS standalone, however, lies in the ease of usability in the integration process.
Companies who want to migrate to the AWS data integration platform find it challenging to manage the complexities of the integration process. This is when the need for the best ETL tool comes into the picture.

This article will help you find the best ETL and data integration for AWS and what factors you should take into account while planning your AWS data integration strategy.

ETL with AWS

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is one of the most common data integration processes that pulls data from multiple sources, transforms it into a suitable format, and then loads it into a target data warehouse. The process delivers an efficient data transformation, including data aggregating, sorting, filtering, cleansing, mapping, and enriching so that it becomes useful for the organization. 

Integration with AWS

There are multiple tools that you can use to execute ETL with AWS. Each tool offers similar features based on ease of use, replicability, time of to completion, and the data complexity it can manage. But the one thing for sure is that the tools help you get rid of the manual processes of hand-coding.

When it comes to choosing a highly developed ETL tool for integration with AWS, here are two main considerations to take into account: 

  1. The tool must have the capacity to read the source database’s schema, sort the data, and automate the process of query preparations to transform data into AWS data warehouse.
  2. Go for a tool that can efficiently create, configure, and run ETL jobs. This will ensure that the tool will provide consistent integration with AWS and spare you from the trouble of starting from scratch every time you run an ETL job.

How is the DataChannel ETL platform considered best for Amazon AWS?

DataChannel offers you a cloud-native SaaS platform that is easy to understand and helps you integrate your data from multiple channels into a warehouse in minutes and that too, without any coding. We have over 100 pre-built connectors that allow you to efficiently source your data from any marketing platform into a data warehouse of your preference.

Data Channel & Amazon AWS

With our data integration solutions, you can organize your data into standardized schemas and then load it into a warehouse. Once the data is loaded into the warehouse, it can be transformed into a preferred format via SQL. The platform is scalable and grows with your organization’s growing needs.

The platform does not deal only with data migration from one system to another. It also helps you to streamline your workflows and configure communications between components and systems. It is much more than just data migration and allows you to extract the maximum value from a given piece of data.

Our solution fits perfectly with every organization’s data integration needs, irrespective of how big it is or the niche it is working in. This cloud-based data integration platform is highly efficient and the most cost-effective alternative when it comes to building a robust data infrastructure. 

DataChannel allows you to seamlessly integrate AWS with your data pipeline and offer all the tools required to perform analytics, quality maintenance, and real-time data streaming. With such automation and flexibility, you can reduce the burden of your developers and dig out the maximum value from the complex data silos.

With DataChannel, outlining and executing an AWS integration strategy no longer remains a daunting task. With our data integration platform, anyone can perform data integration smoothly.

DataChannel is the perfect Data partner for your brand. Being a cloud-based, no code platform, DataChannel will simplify your data yielding actionable insights for your brand to grow and nurture. A one-stop solution for all your marketing campaigns, DataChannel will catalyse your success! 

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